Carla Romero.

I'm a Peruvian artist who’s been living in Berlin since 2013. I studied Sculpture at the UNEARTE and Philosophy at the U.C.V. in Venezuela. I am currently finishing a Masters’ Degree in Romance Languages and Culture at Potsdam University. My main interest is soft sculpture; I mostly work with textile but also enjoy using other materials as well. I am also interested in other disciplines such as photography and drawing, where I want to develop my own aesthetic sense. Human anatomy is one of my favorite themes to work with, in particular the decomposition and fragmentation of the human body. 


I have participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Venezuela and in Berlin. I started my career as an Art and Design History and Drawing teacher in the CDD Design School in los Teques, Venezuela and have been teaching private students in Barcelona and Berlin, and mostly developing a personal photographic work since 2014.


Recently I start to lead Art workshops for kids and teenagers for a private school in Berlin and also collaborate with the 10th Berlin Biennale with Drawing and Paper Workshop for the Fusion Club in 2018.

Recent photo project: Footprints Nachhaltige Geschichten

Workshops at the 10th. Berlin biennale: 

Artikel von Maja Peltzer: Skulpturen von Carla Romero



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